CSR Annual Report
Deli Home 2018

On the way towards a sustainable future together

CSR Annual Report
Deli Home 2018

On the way towards a sustainable future together

CSR Policy


Last year was a year of renewal. First of all, we integrated our business activities in Nieuwegein and Gorinchem. Our company from Lekkerkerk will follow in 2019. Our companies now operate under the Deli Home umbrella, with joint brands Bruynzeel, CanDo, Lundia and Skantrae. Secondly, we introduced a business unit structure, in which six product categories (doors, custom cabinets, bathroom furniture, floors & staircase renovation, window screens and timber) function as separate units.

The key pillars of our CSR policy are:  

1. CO2 reduction
2. Reduction of packaging and materials
necessary for transport in the chain
3. Vitality of our employees

‘Deli Home adopts a practical approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It must deliver something for us or for stakeholders who are important to us, such as our employees. This ensures that we keep people, the environment and the economy in balance.’

Victor Aquina, CEO
Deli Home

CO2 reduction

As a distributor and production company of wooden building materials in particular, contributing to CO2 reduction is a natural progression. Trees absorb CO2 during their growth and by using sustainably produced wood in our products, we capture this CO2. We also pay close attention to our production process. In 2018, we conducted an extensive energy study to identify where further possibilities exist for savings and we replaced our compressed air installation and latest LPG forklifts with electric forklifts. In 2019, we will install solar panels.

Reduction of packaging and transport materials

We use packaging and transport materials in the chain to ensure that the products arrive at our customers without damage. However, we found that we were packaging some products in layers of plastic, cardboard and wood more out of habit than necessity. We therefore took a critical look at which products can be adequately transported with less or even without any packaging. We also explored the possibilities for using packaging made of material already included with the products delivered by our suppliers. We have not exhausted the options for alternatives and are therefore continuing to focus our efforts in this area.

Vitality of our employees

Our employees are essential to the flourishing of our company. We are therefore happy to provide the space for gaining new ideas, incorporating them and taking on responsibilities. This is expressed, among other things, in a new structure for work consultation. Naturally, we also pay attention to physical stress and working safely in our production and logistics units. Although we have deployed many kinds of transport and resources in this area for years, we remain alert to potential improvements, including the use of ergo coaches.


GRI Commitment

This report on the result of the CSR Zero Baseline Measurement is based on the fourth-generation guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). (These guidelines have been applied at the core level.) The report was reviewed by the organisation itself and not audited by external parties. The GRI index was verified by De Duurzame Adviseurs.


The choice of topics in this report was determined based on evaluations of CSR topics during CSR working group meetings in 2018 and 2019 and policy workshops, including stakeholder analyses in 2017 and 2018.

The CSR Working Groups within Deli Home Gorinchem and Skantrae Zevenaar have broad representation from the entire company: Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Category Management, Wood Products Factory, Logistics, Stock Planning, QHSE, P&O and Business Development. They are advised by an external consultant from De Duurzame Adviseurs.

Reporting frequency

The report is submitted annually.



For questions regarding this report, it is possible to contact the CSR coordinators of both locations: Duco Krikke (Deli Home Gorinchem) and Hein Brunsveld (Skantrae Zevenaar).



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Deli Home is the umbrella organisation that encompasses well-known brands such as CanDo, Bruynzeel, Lundia and Skantrae. Read more on our Deli Home website.